Fishing Information

Offshore Fishing Offshore Fishing

Broadly, offshore fishing encompasses trolling for game and sport fish, bottom fishing... 

Freshwater Fishing Freshwater Fishing

To many, fly fishing is the pinnacle of fishing, the consummate battle between a... 

Rock and Beach Fishing Rock and Beach Fishing

The ocean shorelines afford land-based anglers great opportunities. Rocky ledges... 

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Fishing for beginners

Fishing Safely Fishing Safely

The weather Weather has a lot of bearing on water safety, so whether you are fishing... 

Landing the Fish Landing the Fish

Landing the fish is not about reeling the fish in and landing it. The reel is not... 

Lures and Flies Lures and Flies

At one time, lures and flies were carefully fashioned to imitate as closely as possible... 

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General Fishing Tips

Trout fishing – where and when to find them Trout fishing – where and when to find them

Trout are an oily fish, and are closely related to salmon. Whilst most trout will live out their lives in freshwater lakes and rivers, some trout will travel out to sea for a couple of years and then return to freshwater to spawn, much like salmon. Trout are aggressive, opportunistic hunters. But they are smart! Where Trout tend to favour cooler temperatures,... [Read more of this article]

Reading the Beach Reading the Beach

The most important element in beach fishing is being able to “read” the beach and understand the undersea formations that make fish gather in search of food. Waves on an ocean beach will scour channels and make holes, gutters, sandbars and spits, creating natural paces for feeding and predation. Surf anglers take time to study a beach at... [Read more of this article]

Using Berley Offshore Using Berley Offshore

While you cannot change the water temperature or the weather, much less control the moon, you can time your trips to take advantage of them. Similarly, even though seasonal movements of bait and injections of storm-washed foods are beyond your organisational ability, you can fake such events by the use of berley. Berley is used in all forms of offshore... [Read more of this article]

Fishing Safely Fishing Safely

The weather Weather has a lot of bearing on water safety, so whether you are fishing from a boat or from land, be aware of the weather forecast and watch for changes. Wind is the single greatest threat to fishing safety. Offshore winds (blowing from land to sea) can occur any time but are most common in winter. They blow up quickly and often violently,... [Read more of this article]

Tailing Trout Tailing Trout

When trout show their backs or tails as they feed, you can “tail” them, or they are said to be “tailing”. The chance to target fish that you can see cruising and feeding is often very interesting and rewarding. If they don’t have their backs completely out whilst feeding, often trout are given away by ripples and swirls on the surface of the... [Read more of this article]

All About Bait All About Bait

Fish will response best to bait that is presented as naturally and attractively as possible. It should be a bait that offers no reason for the fish to become suspicious or alarmed and, preferably, one that is a naturally occurring food item in the habitat of the target fish Saltwater baits A fussy fish, and there are many of these, will often baulk... [Read more of this article]

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